Integrated approach for housing

English Summary

Companen is a research and consultancy company active in the field of housing policy and urban planning. Our clients are the national and regional governments, as well as municipalities, (social) housing organisations, tenant interest groups, housing owner associations and health care organisations in all matters related to housing.

Our expertise lies in the development, implementation and evaluation of housing policy, offering guidance on the practical implementation of legislation, performing feasibility studies, developing real estate strategies, evaluating and consulting with regard to rental policy, process management and arranging local collaborations between relevant stakeholders concerning housing challenges, performing housing market analysis and developing residential visions related to relevant social developments.

A broad range of societal issues are addressed, such as affordable housing costs, energy poverty, liveability, vital areas and sustainability, prevention of vacancy, energy performance, housing quality, comfort, refurbishment challenges and housing related to health care. Sustainability is an integral part of our services.

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